Our Zero Waste Refill Service

Caring for you and the environment with quality refillable products, reducing unnecessary waste.

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We Hand Deliver

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We Refill

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Bury Wholefoods

Caring for you and the environment

Founded in 2018, Bury Wholefoods gives you the ability to support Zero Waste by purchasing organic whole foods and eco-friendly household supplies – personally delivered straight to your door.

We offer a door to door delivery service, stock brands that are local to East Anglia and we can refill on selected products if you are within a 10-mile radius of Bury St Edmunds. Our services minimise hassle for you and helps reduce waste. What’s not to love? We’re caring for you and the environment.

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Shop by your Dietary Requirements

Vegetarian? Vegan? Need Gluten Free? We’ve got you covered!

Looking for Local Produce?

We have a range of products made right here in Suffolk and across East Anglia!

Some of our favourite products

Zero Waste refill all purpose cleaner

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner Refill 500ml/750ml/1L


organic pumpkin seeds
Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Rainbow Wholefoods Organic Pumpkin Seeds 250g/500g


Zero Waste almond refill
Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Almonds Organic 250g/500g


bio d washing up liquid

Bio D Washing Up Liquid-Concentrated 750ml


Zero Waste nonbio laundry liquid refill

Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Liquid Refill 750ml/1L/1.5L


Zero Waste Red Lentils Refill
Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Red Split Lentils Organic 500g/1kg


Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Rainbow Wholefoods Organic Apricots 250g/500g


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We care about the environment

Our Zero Waste service aims to reduce the environmental footprint of our products

Bury Wholefoods supports the fight for Zero Waste by caring for you and the environment. From well before your order of your favourite products is placed, we are already playing our part in the fight for a more sustainable environment.

Rather than taking an extra trip out or throwing away old packaging, we will save you from harming our environment and personally deliver a refill of your favourite product straight to your door.

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