What is Zero Waste?

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste has become a significant movement in the 21st Century, with many different definitions and interpretations.

Simply put, zero waste refers to the redesign of our production system so the amount of resources we use and send to disposal is not only reduced, but eventually eliminated.

Right now, we practise a one-way system where we take means from the earth and ultimately destroy them, whilst polluting the atmosphere. After extracting natural resources and manufacturing them into unsustainable products, they are distributed and then sold. Once they have been used, we are left with very few choices; the common result is landfill and then returning to purchase new products.

Landfills are one of the worst methods for disposing of waste as they are toxic to the earth. They contribute to methane emissions and they are not suitably constructed for successful decomposition; dangerous toxins can also absorb into the ground and into the ocean. Most rubbish is not biodegradable so if it doesn’t go to landfill, it litters our surroundings and endangers living species in the ocean.

The goal of the zero waste movement is to encourage a circular economy rather than the linear one we are living in. So, rather than creating rubbish and discarding resources, we create sustainable products that can be brought back into the system over and over again. By reducing the amount of disposable products that we consume and maximising the way we reuse, recycle and compost, we can fight to reach total zero waste.

At Bury Wholefoods, we fully support zero waste and put it into practice from the resources we use in the office to the packaging we utilise for your orders. We also provide a Mobile Refill service so you can reduce the amount of plastic packaging and containers you use and throw away. Find out more about our Zero Waste Refills and browse our selection of products that can help you save the environment.

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