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Tips for Starting a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Tips for Starting a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Happy New Year from everyone at Bury Wholefoods! Now we are a couple of weeks into 2019, have you managed to keep up with your resolutions? If you chose to embark on a Zero Waste lifestyle this year, we have collated some zero waste tips to help you ease into it and achieve your goals.

Buy Well

The first of our Zero Waste Tips is to Buy Well. Whether it’s a piece of clothing or a household item, it is important to take some factors into consideration when making purchases. Check second-hand shops first and always pay attention to what your products and it’s packaging are made from. Try to avoid plastic by choosing items that are made from wood, stainless steel or glass instead, like the EcoCoconut bottle brush and dish brush we supply. Remember to never settle, always make sure that you are 100% happy with your purchase.

Buy Less

If you buy less food, then you will produce less rubbish and waste. Before you go food shopping, use up everything you already have at home. Write a list of necessities in order to make sure you don’t buy excessive impulse items. Always be aware of ‘use by’ dates and prepare and store perishable foods accordingly; freeze in portions and preserve fruit and veg in ways that make them last longer, therefore producing Zero Waste. Finally, never throw away left overs – remember to use them the next day for new meals.

Eat Real

Don’t rely on processed foods and over-packaged items for meals, start choosing real foods and making your own snacks. Raw fruits and vegetables not only provide you with a healthy diet, but also cuts down your plastic usage. Use beeswax wraps or Keep Leaf food wrap instead of cling film to preserve your food as well. Making your own baked goods will also reduce your plastic usage, as well as the amount of sugar you will include in your diet.

Bring Your Own

Stock up on Zero Waste products that you can take grocery shopping with you like cloth grocery bags, reusable produce bags, glass jars and bottles. By investing in these products, you can significantly reduce the amount of plastic bags and bottles that are consumed every year which contribute to environmental damage. Think about your cosmetic requirements when you travel too; bring your own bamboo cotton swabs and bamboo toothbrush instead of using the plastic alternatives offered to you.

Say No

The final of our zero waste tips is to say no! No matter how small, it is always important to recognise waste where you can: it could be a plastic straw, a plastic bag or a business card. Bring your own Zero Waste stainless steel or bamboo straw, or politely decline the business card instead of saying yes out of convenience. Instead of buying yourself a bottle of water while you’re out, carry a reusable water bottle to fill it up wherever you go. Remember to always ask yourself, ‘do I really need it?’

Don’t panic, the transition to a Zero Waste lifestyle will not happen overnight and everyone’s journey is different. If you’ve got a goal in mind, Bury Wholefoods can help you achieve it with our wide range of Zero Waste products linked within this article – We also have a Zero Waste starter pack available to help you start.

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