A Starter’s Guide – How to Eat Organic Food on a Budget

A Starter’s Guide – How to Eat Organic Food on a Budget

As everyone knows, eating organic can be expensive which usually hinders people from starting this healthier lifestyle; the reason the price is usually higher is because of the lack of pesticides which intensifies the work load.

However, with some guidance, there are ways in which you can still eat organic food on a budget.

Cook From Scratch  

One way to save some money is to stop relying on convenience foods for your meals and start cooking from scratch. Yes, it might take you longer to prepare but it is a cost-effective way to eat and will enable you to introduce organic produce into your lifestyle. Plan your meals and start batch cooking to provide meals for multiple days and meal times.

Eat Less Meat

Another way that will save you money is to eat less meat. Organic meat will be expensive wherever you go, so by cutting down on the amount you eat and focusing more on vegetarian meals instead, you can eat organically at a cheaper cost.

Buy Seasonal

When choosing your vegetables, make sure that you buy the ones that are in season as they will be cheaper. Seasonal organic fruit and veg is less expensive due to the shortened transport distance and the large amounts available.

Grow Your Own  

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is not only rewarding, but a way to keep costs down whilst knowing that they are 100% organic. You don’t need a garden, you only need a couple of pots to start growing produce – Start with herbs as they are small and will save you money immediately.

Shop Around

Organic products are seen as almost an exclusive brand so the prices will reflect this, especially in supermarkets. Make sure you shop around and compare prices, including green grocers and online, before filling up your basket, so you get the best deal for you and your budget.

Buy In Bulk

Buying long-life, non-perishable products in bulk will help you save money in the long run; pasta, pulses, tinned food, potatoes, onions and dried foods are some examples. Filling up your freezer and cupboards with organic produce will enable you to create meals quickly and regularly.

Try Bulk Bins

By providing your own packaging, like jars, bags and bottles, you can save money by shopping in bulk bins containing  grains, nuts and pulses. At Bury Wholefoods, if you are within a 10-mile radius of Bury St Edmunds, we provide a refill service for you to stock up on bulk products like this.

With these starter tips, you can ease into an organic lifestyle without breaking the bank. You may find it easier and cheaper than you thought, and start applying organic products into every aspect of your life. We provide a wide range of organic produce, as well as environmentally friendly household products, like the Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush, to help you on your way today.

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