Bury Wholefoods Supports Plastic Free July – Here’s Why

Bury Wholefoods Supports Plastic Free July – Here’s Why

New month, new you – As cliché as it sounds, the start of month should encourage you to make some changes in your lifestyle with Plastic Free July.

What is Plastic Free July?

Led by the Plastic Free Foundation, Plastic Free July is a global campaign that encourages people around the world to reduce plastic pollution during this month, and beyond. Although based in Australia, The Plastic Free Foundation Ltd and this movement has had an influence on over 120 million people throughout 177 countries.

This campaign motivates individuals to make small changes in their lifestyle in order to reduce single-use plastic waste. By supplying multiple resources and providing alternative solutions, millions of people around the world can collectively make a difference to the environment.

Why We’re Supporting Plastic Free July

The numbers from the previous July speak for themselves and prove that Plastic Free July really can make a huge, positive impact. Overall, participants reduced their household waste on average by 7.6%, reduced their use of disposable packaging on average by 5.6%, and contributed to a total saving of 490 million kilograms of plastic waste each year.

At Bury Wholefoods, we share the same vision of a world without plastic waste and we want to help increase these numbers as much as possible. We support the fight for Zero Waste because we understand that single-use plastic causes some of the worst damage to our oceans and wildlife. Our end goal is the same as the Plastic Free Foundations’s – to keep our oceans and landfills clean by choosing plastic alternatives and reusing materials and products.

Plastic Free Shop Bury St. Edmunds

Plastic Free July not only gives you the tools to change your habits now, but ones that can become new habits forever. Some of their ideas can be sourced from our shop:

Cling Film

Cling film takes an extremely long time to biodegrade, so by switching to other alternatives, like our Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap or Keep Leaf Food Wrap, can help protect our environment.

Bin Liners

Common plastic bin liners remain forever in landfill, so you could either choose our Degradable Swing Bin Liners or opt for no bin liner at all. Plastic Free July have some great tips on keeping your ‘naked bin’ clean and odour-free.

Plastic Straws

It is well known that the ban on plastic straws is coming up next year, but there is no harm in making a change this early on. Invest in our Bambu Bamboo Straws and carry them wherever you go so you can encourage change.

No matter what change you make, no matter how big or small, you’ll be joining the fight for a more sustainable environment. Take part today!

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