All About Natural Cosmetics and Beauty Products

All About Natural Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Recently, we have added refillable, Zero Waste, natural cosmetics and beauty products to our products that we supply.

Many common cosmetic products include microplastics and contribute to a large amount of plastic waste. This is why there has been an increase in the manufacture of natural cosmetics and beauty products.

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

As the term ‘natural’ is not regulated by the FDA, USDA, or EU, there is no legal definition as to what constitutes natural cosmetics and beauty products. What is considered natural varies from person to person, so as a buyer or a creator it’s up to you to decide what your view is. A vague description could suggest that natural cosmetics largely contain ingredients that are found within nature, without being chemically altered.

Also, they won’t contain any ingredients that may have adverse effects on the environment. When searching for natural cosmetics and beauty products, it is advised that you should avoid:

  • SLES, SLS or Parabens
  • Genetically Modified Ingredients
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Synthetic Colourings or Fragrances
  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • BPA Plastic

Things you should look out for that give indications of being naturally formulated are phrases such as:

  • Cruelty-Free (No ingredients tested on animals, no animal ingredients, no animal tested products)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • GMO-Free
  • Vegan
  • Free or harmful chemicals, irritants or preservatives

Ingredients such as silica, clay and mica are all examples of natural products. Make sure you read the ingredients label thoroughly before you purchase natural cosmetics, just in case they aren’t natural at all.

Zero Waste, Natural Cosmetics Supplied by Bury Wholefoods

Zao Make Up

All of Zao’s formulas are enriched with organic ingredients and free from toxic chemicals, including parabens; micronized silver is used instead as a preservative. We supply a wide range of their products and refills including their best seller, Aloe Vera Mascara. Zao Refillable Aloe Vera Mascara, along with the refill, allows you to enjoy defined and voluminous lashes without damaging the environment. Made from organic aloe vera, castor oil and shea butter, along with the option to replace the inner tube when you have run out, means this is a sustainable alternative to your usual make up routine.

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature have been creating and using naturally derived products for many years and swear by natural ingredients to bring your hair and skin all the moisture and hydration they need. We offer Zero Waste Refills on Faith in Nature Lavender and Geranium Body Wash, and Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner. So, fill up your empty bottles with these certified organic and natural ingredients!

Friendly Soap

 We also offer Friendly Soap Cleansing Bars, Shampoo Bars and Cleansing Bars. What’s special about Friendly Soap’s products is that they are all made in the UK using a cold-process method which produces absolutely no waste. All ingredients are reliably sourced, with no sign of harmful preservatives or parabens, and instead of microbeads for exfoliation purposes, poppy seeds and hemp bran are used instead. Cruelty free and completely vegan, you can enjoy with a clean conscience.

Keep an eye out for more natural cosmetics and beauty products at Bury Wholefoods soon!

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