Bury Wholefoods 100 mile walk for Banham Zoo & Africa Alive

Bury Wholefoods 100 mile walk for Banham Zoo & Africa Alive

Due to coronavirus these two amazing zoos remain closed to the public and are fighting for survival. They were both turned down for the government zoo grants and are now desperately calling for the government to allow them to reopen.  

They do fantastic work and throughout this challenging time their incredibly dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that the animals at the zoos continue to receive high levels of

Banham Zoos shared this statement:

If zoos do not reopen soon, our charity could collapse. We need clarity NOW on the date for reopening. The Government is allowing places like garden centres, parks, shops and beaches to reopen and not zoos. The bank loan we got was based on the zoos reopening from June but, if reopening is delayed until August, we will not survive. We desperately need income and we are now trying to renegotiate the bank loan and apply for further

Help us to save our zoos by visiting our JustGiving page now !

Any donations you make, big or small will be greatly appreciated.

You can also help by signing the petition

Thank you.

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