Nail Brush
Cruelty Free Plastic Free Vegetarian

Acala 100% Natural Hand & Nail Brush


Zero Waste bee pollen

Bee Pollen Zero Waste Refill


Beeswax wrap on a roll
Plastic Free Vegan

BeeBee Wraps On-a-Roll


Charcoal toothpaste
Plastic Free Vegan Vegetarian

Ben & Anna Natural Toothpaste – Black with Activated Charcoal


Zero Waste bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of Soda Zero Waste Refill


Zero Waste Bio D Floor Cleaner
Cruelty Free

Bio D Floor Cleaner Zero Waste Refill


Cruelty Free Plastic Free

BioBag Compostable Waste Bags – 20 Litres


Zero Waste brown basmati rice
Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Brown Basmati Rice Zero Waste Refill


Zero Waste brown rice pasta
Gluten Free Vegan

Brown Rice Pasta Penne Gluten Free – Zero Waste Refill


Zero Waste Cinnamon
Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Cinnamon Sticks Zero Waste Refill 30g


Zero Waste citric acid

Citric Acid Zero Waste Refill


Zero Waste coconut palm sugar
Gluten Free Organic Vegan

Coconut Palm Sugar Zero Waste Refill