Acala Reusable Makeup Wipes

Reduce your daily waste with these 100% natural and organic hemp reusable makeup wipes.

Dietary Info: Cruelty Free Organic Plastic Free


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Acala Reusable Makeup Wipes

Acala reusable makeup wipes are a perfect way to reduce your daily waste. Instead of throwing away hundreds of cotton wool balls each year, these hemp cotton round makeup wipes can be used to wash your face or take your make up off. Simple wash the wipe afterwards.

Made from 100% natural and organic hemp they are handmade in Northumbria and are long lasting and durable.

Apply cleanser and wipe off using a dry or wet reusable wipe. After using, put them in a wash bag and put it in the washing machine. Once dried they are ready to use again!

Each pack contains 5 double sided (2ply – two layers sewn together) wipes and are packed in recycled paper.

Dimensions approx 9-10 cm

About Acala –

Wellness for both people and planet

Acala offer a wide range of natural, organic and vegan health and beauty products.

The name Acala is of Indian – Sanskrit origins and means ‘the immovable one’.

Their logo, the two triangles, is a minimalist symbol for balance or equilibrium and symbolises their view of the world and our role in it.

Acala was founded by Hanna Pumfrey. After living and working in London, Hanna realised the importance of sustainability and thought there must be a better way! Acala is created from Hanna’s desire to make it simple and accessible for everyone to be a conscious consumer.

Their goal is to make it easy to buy consciously and provide sustainable alternatives to the things in our every day lives.

They will always produce environmentally friendly and cruelty free products packaged in the most economical way possible and ship them using the smallest carbon footprint.

Acala are committed to environmental and social responsibility in all areas of their productions. They carried out a test to learn about their carbon footprint and are now investing in carbon offsetting schemes. They are also teaming up with Carbon Footprint to support their programme to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest and one of their biggest goals is to become a zero waste business.

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Product Information

Hemp & Organic Cotton

Handmade in England

Packaged in recycled paper.


Either use to wash your face or to take your makeup off.

Simply apply cleanser and wipe off using a dry or wet Reusable Wipe.

After using put them in a wash bag and put it in the washing machine.

Once dried they are ready to use again!


55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton


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