If You Care Household Gloves

These reusable household gloves are made from Fair Trade FSC Certified Natural Rubber and can be composted!

Available in size Medium and Large

Dietary Info: Fairtrade


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If You Care Household Gloves

If You Care Household Gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified latex, ie the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation and the rubber tappers, who cut the tree bark to get the raw rubber flowing, have received a fair trade premium.

The reusable gloves are made from 100% latex and contain no fillers so they are extra strong and ideal for dishwashing, house cleaning or gardening. They have a 100% natural cotton lining and the box is made from FSC-certified recycled board processed chlorine-free (PCF) and biodegradable non-toxic inks and glues are used.

If You Care Household Gloves can be composted if cut into small stripes and the cardboard box can be recycled.

If You Care Household Gloves – good for nature, good for people.

Available in size Medium

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Product Information

Fair \trade natural rubber and FSC-certified rubber from responsibly managed plantation

100% natural cotton lining


After each use, rinse outside of gloves in soap and water. Let air dry.

Do not put in dishwasher. Avoid contact with fuel or corrosive chemicals. Use one pair of gloves for dishwashing and a send pair for all other cleaning.

Caution: Contains natural latex rubber which may cause an allergic reaction. If signs of allergic reaction appear, discontinue use and consult your doctor.


Do not store in direct sunlight


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