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Organic White Cleaning Vinegar – Zero Waste Refill

Zero Waste

This is a Zero Waste product. We will refill your empty bottle with your chosen product. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can buy reusable containers from us. This product is only available to customers who live within a 10-mile radius of Bury St Edmunds.

Please ensure the bottle you wish to refill clearly states the size of the bottle in litres or millilitres and is relevant to the sizes available to purchase (see Product Options box below).

PLEASE NOTE: customers are solely responsible for ensuring containers are empty and have been thoroughly cleaned before using them for refill. Bury Wholefoods won’t be liable for any contamination after products have been decanted into customers’ own containers.


Product Options


FREE - UK delivery on orders over £50

Click and Collect - Available Saturdays from Bury St Edmunds market stall

Bury St Edmunds delivery - £3.95 (minimum order £15)

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An ideal alternative to household cleaning products. White vinegar is one of the most versatile products available to us. It not only cuts through grease and acts as a mild disinfectant but it is cheap too.

What can white vinegar be used for?

The list is endless. Here are just a few ways this magical liquid can be used in your home:-

  • Removes traces of limestone
  • Cleans windows
  • Disinfects household appliances, toilets, kitchen surfaces and bathrooms
  • Descales kitchen appliances
  • Eliminates weeds
  • Prevents Mildew

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How to use:

To clean and descale taps, sinks, baths, washbasins or your toilet - cover with pure vinegar and leave to work, rub and rinse.

To descale kettles, decanters, coffee makers - pour equal amounts vinegar and water into appliance, boil/heat and leave to stand overnight before rinsing with water.

To decalcify your washing machine and dishwasher - run empty with ½ litre of white vinegar.


White Wine Vinegar

Organic alcohol vinegar is obtained from organic cereal alcohol.

12% acidity


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