Zero Waste

Zero Waste Refills – At Bury Wholefoods, caring for you and the environment is our mission.

Zero Waste Lifestyle

At Bury Wholefoods, Zero Waste inspires us to redesign product life cycles by using more sustainable materials and methods in everyday living. The end goal is to keep our oceans and landfills clean by simply reusing materials and products.

A Zero Waste lifestyle is also a cost-effective lifestyle. Reducing rubbish leads to reduced production cost and so, whilst you’re supporting the environment, you’ll also be saving money!

Further to this, we believe all materials should become reusable, recyclable or compostable. This will improve material flow and, in theory, can be applied to any product or process.

From the second you place your order or give us a call, you’ll be joining the fight for a more sustainable environment.

We’ve already adopted the Zero Waste Lifestyle. Everything from the printers, pens – even the bulbs in our office are environmentally friendly. The packaging used to deliver your orders is eco-friendly and we don’t use plastic bags for our personal delivery service. We know that plastic causes some of the worst damage to our oceans and wildlife.

Bury Wholefoods supports the fight for Zero Waste. By caring for you and the environment, we really believe that every small detail contributes to a better world.

There are so many ways that we operate to achieve our goals, whether that’s stocking Local, Eco-Friendly brands or bringing refillable household supplies to your door. Pride is taken in continually thinking of ways we can care for you and the environment.

As the pioneer Suffolk-based Zero Waste Shop, we’re leading the way to being a business visionary for Zero Waste.

Zero Waste Shop & Refill Service

Our first and primary initiative is our product refill service.

We provide zero waste refills with selected whole foods and organic household supplies. Tell us when you’re running low on your favourite products and we’ll bring a refill straight to your door. Each product will be delivered with a smile!

For us, there is no need to throw away old packaging. We will simply reuse the empty jar or bottle, reducing waste and allow you the option of customisation. Try looking through our bottles, jars and bags to adopt a zero waste look.

Saving you from empty jars and saving the environment from plastic containers is why we provide the service. Too many non-biodegradable products find their way into landfill sites and oceans, so it’s time to take a stand.

Taking that extra trip into town or buying that extra bottle of washing up liquid can create needless waste. Why not let us provide refills?

Our refill service is currently for those within a 10-mile radius of Bury St Edmunds however we do deliver elsewhere. If you live close, but you don’t know if you fall within these catchment zones, get in touch via our Delivery page and we’ll let you know if refills are available to you.

To boot, we also have a loyalty card system where all zero waste refills are rewarded with a stamp. When we arrive, just make sure you’ve got yours at the ready and, on the 10th stamp, delivery is free!

We can also take any old bottles away and ensure they are reused. We strongly believe in recycling and reusing so we collect your old bottles, thoroughly clean them and make them available for others to reuse.

Zero Waste Products

If you’re reading this and you’d like to find out some more information, we have some suggestions for you.

  1. Browse our Zero Waste Product Range and get an idea of some of the products we can refill. This will clarify the first steps into the zero waste lifestyle. The variety of products we have in stock will surprise you, from plastic free products like bamboo toothbrushes, or old favourites like organic porridge oats.
  2. Read our Zero Waste lifestyle blog. We post regular handy tips, recipes and guides; all aimed at helping you achieve your Zero Waste goals.
  3. Find out about our founder, Dawn, who is incredibly passionate about the lifestyle. She has a “Welcome” message on the About Us page.

We care for you and the environment by supporting the fight for a Zero Waste, Plastic Free world. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Shop Zero Waste Products OR Read Our Zero Waste Blog

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